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Trop bien

Clash of clan cest trop bien mais il faut jouer souvent

Super foda

I love clash of clans e muito legal


Melhor jogo ever

Supercell os melhor jogos clash of clans e clash royale

Do mundo


Clash of Clans e muito bom

Bestes Spiel ever

Clash of Clans ist das beste Spiel ever

Best game ever

Awesome game but can you make it so you can donate coins gems and elixir to friends

Plz boost up the time

Every single time when ever I attack I am about to get the town hall but then the time ran out Plz boost up the time

So motherfreeking satisfying watching those gosh darn goblins winning maybe if I touch my peepee while playing I while feel better about losing so often but my mom said I cant!?

Good game

I love the game but can you please change the chat back to what it was because i liked it better please do it!! Can you also make an event where town hall 7 people can get pekkas in clan castles?

Bring farming back

This game was way fun in like 2015-2014

Clash of Clan

This game is one of the best game in the App Store , its a must !

Best game ever but....

When I was attacking it says connection lost and I lost its not fair but great game


I had been playing this game religiously and was buying gems to catch up to a friend, who had been playing it for a while, but then it happened. There was an update, and lost access to my account and all the gems that I purchased. I followed their instructions to recover my account, and even contacted them, but no response. I made sure to leave them my email so that we could work towards a solution but Ive heard nothing from them. Their syncing mechanisms to Game Center and Facebook were dysfunctional.


I used to play this game in two years and 4-5 hours per day. It was a very nice game. But everything is changed. I just have it in my phone and not playing, because I cant attack. The enemies are too strong for my level and this game is now a cheap game. It needs something to change it. It needs to be clash of clans again...


Am new to the clash but love it and am already hooked

Jan 2017 update

Despite what I said earlier I am now enjoying the game again, as there are soooo many abandoned bases (from all the people rage quitting over the crappy changes) there is allot of easy loot to steal from them. They also reduced the costs of some items. We shall see how long this Ps...the game continually crashed on my iPad2 dont even bother if you have an older iPad. Earlier comments below... Only the inconsiderate morons at stupidcell would change the troop training system so that you cannot undo the troops you pre-trained before the update. Proving once again they do not care about their players. You now have to gem (30) all of the barracks instead of just the ones you want. Just another cash grab. As another reviewer previously said this should now be called " Cash of Clans"


You have a chance to play when thirteen

Best game on App Store.

I have been playing this game for 3 years and it is just amazing.

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